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The Investigation of Ariel Warning

Synopsis: A literary thriller centering around 'twinship.' A young woman takes a position with the Remler twins film company. For her own inscrutable reasons she romantically persues both brothers simultaneously. When one twin betrays the other, their lives experience a 'shaking of the foundations.' The betraying twin, his sense of self shatered from having broken the unconditional bond of trust and love of twinship, goes out into the world to learn just who this mysterious woman is. The Investigation/journey will take him as far as Asia as well as the most obscure geographies of the US. His search, part self-invention, part fact-finding, turns the plotting into a whirling dervish of twists and turns, surprises and puzzles, that ultimately lead him to some level of reso- lution in terms of solving the ultimate mystery: his problematic lost self.



"Engaging... Alluring... Enticing..."
- Harriet Klausner, The Mystery Gazette


"The Investigation of Ariel Warning can be read as a mystery, but it is also an ambitious work of fiction in which the author touches upon the universal themes of the great works of literature: our painful awareness of the temporary nature of being and the necessity of courage in the face of ultimate aloneness. The further you read into this book, the more you will come to appreciate the depth of this extraordinary novel. I urge everyone to get a copy.."


"Eye-rolling... there are flashes of insight, such as when Adam, wracked with guilt over his affair with Ariel, thinks he doesn’t care about God’s opinion as he doesn’t know God, but he does know his twin... in the end “twins” become a metaphor for the human condition – we are all connected, yet ultimately alone."
- Stacia Levy, The Portland Book Review


"This book is a rollicking good read and holds one's attention till the very end. The plot is well conceived, the characters ring true and the autobiographical element adds a strong touch of ground realism. This book has staying power, the ambience created by the book, lingered, long after I put it aside. You might want to reread it (as I did) to see how the jigsaw pieces fit together..."
- Bani Sodermark, - Bani has a Ph.D in mathematical physics and has been a teacher of physics and mathematics at the university level in both India and Sweden.

"This engrossing novel that takes the reader to unexpected places is definitely engaging... Four stars."
- Laurel-Rain Snow, Going Out on a Limb Blog

"The Investigation of Ariel Warning, an entertaining literary Chinese puzzle , full of twists and turns, allusions to Shakespeare and replete with facts about twins. Primarily a mystery, the book also explores the emotional connections between twins and doesn’t quite fit neatly into any genre. The book also includes echoes of the highly controversial Peter Greenaway film A Zed and Two Noughts... so fans of Greenaway (me) should appreciate the nuances of this unusual, complex plot... I thoroughly enjoyed the character of Margot Korman, who at the most inappropriate moment, join forces with Adam to discover the truth about Ariel."
- Guy Savage, His Futile Preoccupations


"Kalich has written a heartfelt novel."
- Michele Leber, Literary Journal Reviews


"This unusual mystery involves self-delusion on a massive scale, betrayals, accidental death and murder. The fully developed characters make this story work as it delves deep into personal history, tragedy and the identity issues faced by identical twins. There are twists and turns aplenty as this haunting tale plays out to its fateful conclusion."
- Sandy Amazeen,


"For those of you who have read Robert Kalich's work before, you will be gratified by what he has now brought us with `The Investigation of Ariel Warning'. What you probably loved about one of his earlier works, `The Handicapper'; its originality, authentic personal exploration, and the feeling of a hustling side of New York now gone, `Ariel Warning' gives you a taste of that and more. I have never read a book that so deftly weaves together Shakespearean references, a portfolio of deep, rich characters, a hard boiled plot, and the complexities between twin brothers sharing a common vision, work and lust.

With Ariel Warning, you will be entertained, not just in the way a strong plot will keep you hurtling forward, but stimulated in a way that is hard to find in an age where strong, literary novels have become vestigial. Kalich, a man of letters, ideas, and from a lost and forgotten New York, has successfully found a way with this incredible book to bring the authentic, rich intellectual life that The City used to promise, into a world where ideas are scarce."
- Evan Strome, Reviewer

The Investigation of Ariel Warning has a lot going for it and is an impressive novel.
- Bookchase