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Kalich Biographies

Robert Kalich's novel, "THE HANDICAPPER," was a Best-Seller for Crown Publishers, a B. Dalton Best-Seller and a Book-of-the Month Club Selection. A second novel, the psychological thriller, "A TWIN LIFE," was published by Kodansha in Japan. His third novel, "THE INVESTIGATION OF ARIEL WARNING" was published in April 2012, by MacAdam Cage . Coming Soon: A new novel by Robert Kalich titled The One-Percenters.

Richard Kalich's first novel, "THE NIHILESTHETE," garnered great critical praise when published in the US by Permanent Press. Winner of The New American Award and selected by the Philadelphia reviewer, Carlin Romano, as one of the twenty four "Most Noteworthy" novels of 1987. Additionally chosen to represent U.S. titles at the Frankfurt Book Fair. Finalist for the National Book Award; nominated for a Pulitzer Prize; and heralded by the San Francisco Chronicle as "one of the most powerful books of the decade." "THE NIHILESTHETE" has been published in Bulgaria, Denmark, England, Germany, Holland, Israel, Russia, Sweden, and Turkey. A second novel, "THE ZOO," was published in U.S. and Japan. It is presently being adapted to be a major animated motion picture. A third novel, "CHARLIE P," has won extraordinary acclaim when published by Green Integer in the U.S. and soon after in Russia, Turkey, and Bulgaria. Richard Kalich's fourth novel, "PENTHOUSE F," has been published by Green Integer in the U.S. in March 2011. It will be published in Turkey and Russia as well. It has received great praise from such esteemed literati as Brian Evenson, Brian McHale, Warren Motte, Christopher Leise, Blake Butler, and Trevor Dodge. BeTimes Books has just published in August 2014 three of Richard Kalich's novels (Penthouse F, Charlie P, and The Nihilesthete) in one volume: "CENTRAL PARK WEST TRILOGY."

The Kalichs have sold their original material (scripts, stories, novels) to Hollywood Pictures, Bruckheimer Films, Shooting Gallery, and have developed a thriller with Peters Entertainment and a major animated theatrical with Starz Animation. They are presently producing two of their own scripts as Independent films. Both Robert Kalich's novel, "THE INVESTIGATION OF ARIEL WARNING," and Richard Kalich's novel, "PENTHOUSE F," are being adapted for film production.

The Kalichs have partnered with Barrie M. Osborne (Producer of Lord of the Rings; The Matrix) to produce several of their original properties.