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screenplay by ROBERT & RICHARD kalich;
(105 pgs) based on an original story by Robert and Richard Kalich

Producers: Barrie M. Osborne (Lord of the Rings, The Matrix)
The Kalich Organization, Robert and Richard Kalich;

Artie tells the story of a young person suffering from "Right/Left Confusion", his development into a musical prodigy and of his great and heart-warming friendship with an old black blues singer.

The Time: 1929--1945
The Place: New York City

The lead role of Artie is arguably comparable to the Daniel Day Lewis Role in My Left Foot.

     Market: My Left Foot, Million Dollar Baby

     Partnering with Barrie M. Osborne
      (Lord of the Rings & The Matrix, Producer)

Dick Kalich

Land of Eagles
Inspired by Richard Kalich's Novel The Zoo

In development, to be a major animated theatrica

Penthouse F

The Investigation of Ariel Warning
a novel by ROBERT kalich

The Promoter
a novel by ROBERT kalich (Inspired by a True Story)

A complex and fascinating characterization of a once great Musical Concert Promoter. A Willie Lomanesque character who pursues the 'big one' despite aging and hard times once again. Spins off into a thriller involving the German American Nazi Bund.